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About Me

I am a psychotherapist and an author. I have just moved back to the Columbus, Ohio area after a 30 year absence.  While away, I lived mostly up and down the coast of California.  I have also lived for a short time in both Chicago and Baltimore, MD.

Growing up in Ohio, I was raised in an immigrant household.  My upbringing was Eastern European based.  This strongly influenced my work ethics but it also put me on the road to having a sensitivity toward people from other cultures.  Especially those who have been displaced from war.  Traveling and living around the U.S., as well as going abroad, has also helped me to understand what it is like to live in a new state with no family or friends to count on for local support.  The acculturation process is somewhat similar whether foreign or domestic.  The only difference is that you are not learning a new language in your own country.

I have also had the pleasure of taking courses and private study with teachers in World Religions.  I am a huge fan of yoga and have studied Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Iyengar, mostly in small classes with teachers who were spiritually based. This has helped me to have a fascination with philosophy and spirituality and why I feel comfortable with the transpersonal modality in therapy.

My adult life has been dedicated to holistic practice and so I take vitamins, get exercise, drink plenty of water and listen to the body.  A devotion to the mind, body and soul will help you to learn how to heal the self over time.  This is why I became interested in somatic psychology.  And so, with a combination of holism, somatic (body-oriented), and transpersonal thinking, this has been my path toward self-exploration which I will help guide you toward.  Everyone is different as we know, so my path will not be the same as yours.  I believe we must follow our instincts in life and go with what feels right inside.

I also feel that everyone must start where they are.  While my beliefs and practice may seem esoteric and may even interest you it might not be where you are at in life.  I respect your journey as one that is sacred and individual.  I began as a woman who had to go through many obstacles in life and most of these are my specialties, which I have listed under topics on the prospective clients page above.  Since I have been through these issues, I am very grounded as a person and a professional.  A good psychotherapist will take a journey, not just through education but also as a client so that they can really be prepared to help the needs of others, without getting caught up in their past all over again.

Finally I have come home to Ohio, the place I grew up.  The term "coming full circle" applies here.  This is a cycle we can go through in life too.  Where you go right back to the place you began; only this time you are a much wiser, stronger and a more established person.  This cycle is different for everyone too.  One of my favorite quotes from a great master, Gandhi said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

As we say in some of the circles I have been in, Namasté and in others Blessed Be!

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