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Holistic Healing

Mind - Body - Spirit are one. When you take care of one aspect (for example: Mind, as in psychotherapy) you are taking care of the other. Holistic healing is a way of focusing on all three areas of the self or "Whole Self." Many people say to me that they don't want to take medication. If you don't want to take medication and as long as you do not have a mental illness (or of course a major medical problem), I would agree with this. If you do have Bi-Polar or Major Depressive Disorder for example, this is a mental illness and it is important to take medication. This should be prescribed by a psychiatrist who monitors this medication and specializes in mental illness. You can still do holistic healing techniques whether you have a mental illness or not. This is what I want to talk about here. Holistic Healing might mean acupuncture, acupressure, reiki, massage, yoga, tai-chi, meditation, crystals, among other things. 

Meditation is a good way to deal with anxiety, stress, panicky feelings, racing thoughts, inability to sleep at night and wanting to have peace of mind. I often recommend this to my clients who are concerned about any of these issues. Even if you are not concerned about these issues meditation is good for enriching the soul. There is a free app called Insight Timer but there are other non-free apps out there as well, such as Breathe. A new product to help with meditation, that I have recently found information on, is Muse. I have a banner at the bottom of this website for this unique invention. It helps people who have a hard time with sitting still due to racing thoughts during a meditation. I put the advert on here because many of my clients find that staying focused as a beginner to meditation is difficult. Some people pull away rather than trying again and this new technology seems very valuable to people like this. Go to their website to find out more by clicking on the banner down at the bottom of my website. At the same time be patient, holistic healing is a process not a one time event.

Acupuncture is an ancient form of holistic treatment that uses "needles," though this is hardly what they are. Having utilized this treatment myself, I didn't even know the "needles" were being inserted. Don't be afraid to try it out! It is working on your meridians, but there is much more to it than this. Talk to someone who has been trained in this.

Acupressure and Reiki are a form of treatment that works with pressure points or energy fields. Acupressure involves physical touch and Reiki does not. Both can be utilized by a massage therapist (where there is physical touch) or by a Polarity Therapist or someone who just does Acupressure. Usually people do more than one thing though.

Yoga and Tai-Chi are exercises that work from the inside out. This is not a competition, so you need to choose a teacher who asks about any pains or discomfort at the beginning of class. It is also important that you pay attention to these things, while in the postures. Forget about what other people look like as this doesn't matter. They don't have your body. I have taken yoga for more than 40 years and find it has very good benefits for the body and the soul. There are many different types of yoga. Click on my yoga link and this website will explain to you the basics. I would begin with a Hatha Yoga or Beginners Yoga or now it is also called Gentle Yoga. The class will end with a meditation for about five minutes. I haven not taken Tai-Chi but I am very aware of this practice and the benefits it provides to others. This is a very gentle way of moving your body.

Holistic Healing requires discipline and perseverance. It is not going to "work" right away with one treatment, class, or one time of trying it out (such as meditation). You will feel good after trying holistic healing but this doesn't mean you are "cured." It took years to get to where you are and healing takes time and patience to work through. Just don't ignore the pain: whether mental, physical or spiritual. Find a practitioner to support you in your treatment or take classes to learn about these things. You will be glad you did!


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