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I am currently offering SandPlay to individual adults and adolescents as an adjunct to talking therapy. The following is information about SandPlay, as stated by Barbara Brugler, the lead sand play therapist in Columbus.

“Sandplay is a form of non-verbal therapy that uses a sand tray and miniatures. The client creates a scene in the sand. Over time the psyche is restructured and emotional wounds are healed. It seems very simple, but it is probably the most complicated therapy there is for the therapist to learn.

Sandplay works on an unconscious level. The unconscious knows what we need to heal and grow even if you or I do not. The therapy is structured in such a way as to allow the unconscious to direct the work.

Sandplay is not for everyone. There is no pressure to work in the sand, but for many it opens doors that other forms of therapy do not.

Talking therapy is what we call left-brain therapy. Art therapy is right-brained. The frontal cortex is where decisions and logic are found. The amazing thing about Sandplay is that it uses the entire brain so healing is on all levels. When adults work in the sand they don’t necessarily do so every session; children almost always choose to work in the sand. Often therapy goes faster when Sandplay is used.

For the young person Sandplay is the perfect therapy. They are unable to talk about things in the way adults can. We can work on behaviors to help them change, but without internal change it is hard to maintain healthy functioning.

You can learn more about the wonder of Sandplay by going to Sandplay Therapists of America.”

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