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I am glad you have chosen to stop by and view my webpage.

Have you been thinking you need to talk to someone lately? A psychotherapist is a good place to start.  I am a holistic - somatic - transpersonal therapist which means many things but mainly this means I look at the whole person or the bigger picture.  Another way of saying it is that my focus is on the mind, body and spirit. If this makes sense to you, or if it sounds interesting then my hope is that you will take the time to read each of the sections (above), so that you can find out if I will be able to meet your needs. I’ve tried to cover all the questions someone would be asking when they are considering a therapist.

The reasons people come to see a psychotherapist or in my case, (a.k.a.) an Independent Marriage and Family Therapist, are varied.  Each psychotherapist has their own specialties or clientele they have had experience with and feel they are able to achieve results. If I am not the right professional for you, there are other resources for choosing a therapist in the state you live in.  If this is the case, I wish you the best on your journey.

My areas of interest when working with a client are Pre-Marital/Marital Counseling, Life Transitions, Grief, Surviving Abuse and Stress.

If after having researched this website, you find I am the right person for you, contact me at 614-813-7677 and then we can begin to engage on your path toward self-exploration.

Sincerely, Jeannine Vegh, M.A., I.M.F.T.

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